About Us


With a steadfast belief that all women are beautiful, Vonne Lush is dedicated to bringing out your inner flawlessness. 

We focus on enhancing the beauty revealed without camouflaging your flaws. We believe your flaws are what makes you beautiful. 

Your natural beauty gives you power - the power to be who you want to be allowing you to inspire others.


With our products, you will find that we not only encourage self confidence brought from within, but we also highlight the beauty that is already there.

From our lip gloss, to our lip liners, to our lashes; we encourage you to use these products to EMBRACE your femininity,

INDULGE your inner goddess, and

UNLEASH the natural beauty that is within you.


Although beauty is important, value is what we strive for.  The value that you find when you can not only have confidence in a product but also enjoy more than once.  In addition to our lip products longevity, our lashes are also designed to be more than a wink.  Remove and cleanse the glue from these lashes with a mild soap and you can enjoy them for multiple wearing!


At Vonne Lush, we strive to enhance your life through our body-positive products and our belief in quality.  We aren't just another cosmetics company.  We are a way of life for those that want to Embrace, Indulge, and Unleash their inner beauty.


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